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GChat analysis: "Groopon" didn't happen, dude
Steve: So had a desk side with a start up
Julianne: how was it?
Steve: the guy kept using groupon as an example for his point
Julianne: So?
Steve: well he kept saying they were bought by google. like, 50 times
Julianne: yikes
Steve: well, i finally corrected him
Julianne: oopsie. newsfail
Steve: he was totally shocked.
Julianne: so i take it you're not writing about his company
Steve: actually i am


Screenshot: me

At CNN, many of our bravest reporters put themselves in harm’s way to tell a story. Some travel to Iraq, other do live reports from the scene of a riot, and others get tasered.

Trying our hand at this, Stacy and I reported a story on Facebook’s privacy settings tonight. I’m…


As we’ve reported both on the Tech Tumblr and CNNMoney.com, this week 4chan has declared war on anyone who’s made it tough for WikiLeaks following its release of thousands of secret U.S. State Department documents.

Some users of 4chan.com (an imageboard site that spawns Internet memes and…


Image: Wikimedia Commons

That well trimmed bowl cut and whistleblower site that publishes highly confidential information have something in common - they’re not trending topics on Twitter.

As WikiLeaks supporters continue to create a firestorm, taking down sites like Visa, MasterCard,…


Screenshot: CNNMoney

For Dave’s story about the information your Facebook ID makes publicly available, we’ve been banging on the site’s APIs. Want to play along?

First, you’ll need your ID. Every Facebook user is assigned a unique identifying number or username. Facebook displays…


Image: CNNMoney.com

Okay, 700 billion might be a slight exaggeration. But analysts’ have been steadily releasing estimates for how many iPhones Verizon will sell next year, and the numbers aren’t pretty for AT&T. (More on that coming soon on CNNMoney.com.)

As you’d expect, AT&T’s PR team…


Like any journalist, I hate writing about mass layoffs — especially when they’re so close to the holidays and they’ve been rumored for so long. Yesterday Yahoo finally swung the ax, cutting about 600 jobs (or 4% of its global workforce).

I kept an eye on Le Twitter to see if any of the poor…


screenshot by CNNMoney

There’s been a lot of talk about Groupon clones, but our office’s Matt Stuart just found an especially great one: Jewpon.

Jewpon is the cloniest of Groupon copycats, matching the design to a T, but clearly that’s part of the conceit. Today’s deal is for gourmet…


It’s the holidays. That means time for PR people to send reporters cards, well-wishes and the occasional tiny gift or two. I often get CDs sent to me (how quaint) that I inevitably dump in the trash or give to someone else.

But online broker TD Ameritrade —the one that Sam Waterston of Law and…


Image: Oracle 

Watch your backs, Google and Microsoft. You’re not the only cloud-based productivity suites for the enterprise in town anymore.

All right, no one is running scared just yet, but Oracle announced what appears to be a pretty impressive product on Thursday, which could…